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In Room Humidity Control


We design and manufacture solutions for high pressure air humidification for direct in room applications.

To maximize the benefit and to minimize the cost we provide individual solutions with standard modular components.

Our aim is to improve the total outcome of your production facilities and provide people with a more comfortable working environment.

Humidity Control AHU


Our AHU products (Air Handling Unit) products provide humidification directly “in-vent” utilizing a modulating control principle.

Demand for water varies throughout the year and during the day. Therefore, we have designed controls always delivering the right amount of water to avoid unnecessary waste  and variation in the humidity.

Modulating controlled finely atomized water particles and the evaporative droplet separator makes this a unique setup accurately reaching set points.

The process performs with optimized energy consumption, no recycled water, minimum waste and requires as little as three feet from nozzle to separator.

HMA Dehumidifier
Reverse Osmosis System (RO)


Our In-line Reverse Osmosis system is the right solution for you, if you have high demands on water quality. It features an RO water supply "On-Demand" eliminating the need for a water storage tank.

Reverse Osmosis is a demineralization process of water. It is a process that removes up to 98 % of all solids and potentially 100 % of bacteria.

A pressure which is higher than the osmotic pressure is applied to the water with a high content of salt and mineral. The pressure pushes the water through a membrane in the opposite direction. It makes the water move to the area with a ​​low solutions of salt.

HMA Industrial Dehumidifiers


High performance HMA Industrial dehumidifier units designed specifically for heavy industrial and commercial applications where humidity levels must be closely controlled or to prevent water vapor condensation. 

The HMA series is available in 6 models covering capacity range from 70 to 250 gallon in 24 hours. 


HMA units are designed with ease of maintenance and service in mind, with all parts and components being readily accessible, reducing service and maintenance costs.


P2F-Humidification, a subsidiary of Print2Finish a supplier of high tech equipment to the printing industries, is partnered with Airtec and Hidros, both well recognized European manufacturers with over 25 years of experience with humidification and dehumidification systems. 


P2F-Humidification specializes in advanced humidity and dehumidification control systems for large variety of production facilities with various applications. P2F engineers apply these internationally superior products with customized engineered solutions to meet the specific air moisture content and quality requirements for its established and expanding customer base.


Meet and engage with our experts offering worldwide best practice engineered solutions, advice, and consultation.When you elect to work with us, your team will be introduced to our multilingual staff of automation and technology providers with the necessary support tools elevating your ability to evaluate your current environment and visualize the engineered solution.  

We are dedicated to provide our value-added products and services that reduce our client’s operational costs, improve productivity and grow profits.


We pride ourselves in the ability to offer engineering design service, supply humidification and dehumidification systems and service support throughout the United States, Canada and many regions in Latin America. Our comprehensive product portfolio makes our company a one stop source for innovative system solutions.


P2F Humidification

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