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Humidification solutions for Printing
Printing & Packaging


Controlled humidity is very important for the printing and packaging industry.

Humidity variations negatively affect the paper qualities and the associated processes.

With our mist humidifiers, there is no paper distortion with less dust also creating an antistatic environment.

At the same time, it reduces the temperature, which will improve the working environment.

It all leads to a faster production and a higher accuracy throughout the process.

Lumber & Woodworking


A stable humidity is essential for the wood and wood made product industries.

Woodworking facilities benefit greatly from a controlled humidity. In fact, most wood problems in production, storage and final product are moisture related. Uneven surfaces, splits, cupping and curving, cracked or checked finishes can result from improper moisture content. Problems can arise in gluing, laminating and veneering. Seasonal changes in relative humidity can bring swelling, warping and shrinkage of wood.

Our humidification systems help you minimize waste and maximize output and reduce returns due to manufacturing defects.



Precise Electronics and Electronics component manufacturing facilities can greatly benefit from our cool air humidity systems. Introducing micro droplets of water in the air will protect the process and products from static discharge and help maintaining dust free manufacturing environment. 

Keeping an adequate and healthy relative humidity throughout your process will greatly reduce triboelectrification (a leading cause of electro static discharge) improving overall quality and reducing costly reclamations.

Humidity Control System in Woodworking
Produce Storage
Paint Spray Booths


The air quality affects paint and varnish.

By controlling humidity, we can eliminate seasonal variations and create a foundation for high output with flawless results.

Today's use of  water base coats and paints means that humidity control is essential in spray booths. Relative humidity (RH) levels as high as 75% are often required for water-based paints, delivering consistent spray quality and prevention of premature drying.

Plastic & Composite


Plastic and composite applications such as creating carbon fiber or similar materials require precise humidity control to guarantee manufacturing conditions that enable consistent quality and durability.

It is important to reduce static discharge, dust and heat throughout the process as well as maintaining relative humidity to protect materials and final products.

Food Industry


Carefully controlled humidity plays important role in a multiple sectors of the food industry.

Maintaining proper RH levels greatly improve storage of fruits and vegetable and extend perishable shelf life.

Humidity plays important role in the meat processing and storage by minimizing weight loss.

Use of high pressure humidification proves to be a very efficient way to apply water in Malt industry

Hatcheries use precise humidity levels to improve egg shell density and necessary dust control.

Precise humidity levels are required for successful cheese aging process.

Textile Industry


The flexibility and strength of the textile fibers are maintained by a stable humidity.

Variations in humidity levels is often the cause of costly stoppages, producing static electricity that causes the yarn in spinning and weaving machines to become more “brittle” and break easily.

Preventing moisture loss in yarns during manufacturing and storage reduce weight loss and as a result increase yield.

Dispersed droplets of water in the air greatly reduce microfiber dust content in the air and improve the work environment.

Wineries and Distilleries 


Maintaining the right humidity will reduce evaporative loss during long term storage. At the same time it will keep barrels and corks on perfect condition.

Equalizing  humidity levels between the inner and outer barrel will reduce vapor leakage.

A well-balanced humidity can completely eliminate the need for the manual “topping off” process required to sustain the specified alcohol content. 

Museums and Theaters


Valuable interiors and works of art in museums and art galleries can be protected by careful controlling of the humidity and temperature. Our equipment can protect interior from seasonal variations by maintaining a balanced ambient atmosphere. Our humidifiers can help to protect delicate musical instruments, stage equipment and historic theater interiors from the harmful effect of dry, low humid air.

Humidity Control System for Electronic Facility
Humidity Comtrol in Plastic and Molding Facility
Humidity Control in Paint Booth
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