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High Pressure Humidification
High Pressure Humidity Control

The system utilizes water at 50 Bar pressure to produce a fine atomized water spray which rapidly evaporates into the airstream.

The pump output is controlled by a frequency inverter and a pressure sensor, providing a flexible flow from 1% - 100 %.

There is no need of heating or by-passing water. 

The controller provides up to 10 zone controls. Each zone controlled by a valve and a humidity / temperature sensor.

When the zone stops, the valve will relieve the pressure from 50 to 2.5 bars instantly.

This design will ensure drip free performance from the nozzle.

HydroFlex Nozzles or Ventilated Atomizers

To ensure a fully integrated air humidification solution the choice of nozzle and atomizer is essential.

Our ventilated atomizers are: HydroJet, HydroTrio and HydroOne. They are designed with a ventilator to supply air to the nozzle ensuring a fast and safe evaporation of the atomized water.


Each atomizer is designed to perform under various conditions from 8' ceiling and up.

HydroFlex nozzles is an uncomplicated solution where nozzles are directly mounted in the high pressure water line.


Let us talk about which solution is best suited for your application

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